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Was There a Wisdom Tradition?: New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies
Sneed, Mark R., editor

Atlanta: SBL Press, 2015 pp. xi + 325. $40.95

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Description: This collection of essays explores questions that challenge the traditional notion of a wisdom tradition among the Israelite literati, such as: Is the wisdom literature a genre or mode of literature or do we need new terminology? Who were the tradents? Is there such a thing as a “wisdom scribe” and what would that look like? Did the scribes who composed wisdom literature also have a hand in producing the other “traditions,” such as the priestly, prophetic, and apocalyptic, as well as other non-sapiential works? Were Israelite sages open to non-sapiential forms of knowledge in their conceptualization of wisdom? Features: recent genre theory in distinction from traditional form criticism; Ancient Near Eastern comparative material; a balanced collection that includes essays that seriously challenge and affirm the consensus view, as well as those that reconfigure it.

Subjects: Bible, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Wisdom Literature, Literature, Methods, Historical Approaches

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Review by JiSeong Kwon
Published 8/10/2017
Citation: JiSeong Kwon, review of Mark R. Sneed, ed., Was There a Wisdom Tradition?: New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2017).

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