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Herrschaftslegitimation in vorderorientalischen Reichen der Eisenzeit
Levin, Christoph and Reinhard Müller, editors

Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2017 pp. xi + 315. €119.00

Series Information
Orientalische Religionen in der Antike, 21

Description: [Legitimation of Rulership in Ancient Near Eastern Kingdoms of the Iron Age.] This volume deals with the forms and strategies of rulership legitimation that were developed in the Iron Age kingdoms of the Levant as well as in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Based on iconographic, textual and archaeological evidence, the patterns used for sovereign legitimation in these regions are presented in detail. Particular attention is paid to the cultural interactions that took place between the regions as well as the peculiarities characterizing the individual kingdoms. Survey of contents: Joachim Friedrich Quack: Ägyptische Einflüsse auf nordwestsemitische Königspräsentationen? – Claus Ambos: Rituale der Herrschaftslegitimation babylonischer und assyrischer Könige – Karen Radner: Assur's “Second Temple Period”. The restoration of the cult of Aššur, c. 538 BC – Paolo Xella: Self-depiction and Legitimation: Aspects of Phoenician Royal Ideology- William Morrow: Famine as the Curse of Kings: Royal Ideology in Old Aramaic Futility Curse Series – Bob Becking: A Voice from Across the Jordan: Royal Ideology as Implied in the Moabite Stela – Angelika Berlejung: Dimensionen der Herrschaftslegitimität: Ikonographische Aspekte königlicher Selbstdarstellung in den Kulturen der südlichen Levante der Eisenzeit anhand der Bildwerke von Balu'a, Yarih-'ezer und Askalon – Reinhard Müller: Herrschaftslegitimation im israelitisch-judäischen Königtum. Eine Spurensuche im Alten Testament – Christoph Levin: Das Königsritual in Israel und Juda – Udo Rüterswörden: Das Königtum im Hohenlied – Timothy Harrison: Royal self-depiction and legitimation of authority in the Levantine monarchies of the Iron Age in light of newly excavated royal sculptures at Tell Tayinat.

Subjects: Methods, Historical Approaches, History, Ancient Near Eastern History, History of Israel, Archaeology

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Review by Andrew Knapp
Published 9/13/2018
Citation: Andrew Knapp, review of Christoph Levin and Reinhard Müller, eds., Herrschaftslegitimation in vorderorientalischen Reichen der Eisenzeit, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2018).

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