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Clothing and Nudity in the Hebrew Bible
Berner, Christoph, Manuel Schäfer, Martin Schott, Sarah Schulz and Martina Weingärtner, editors

London: T&T Clark, 2019 pp. xxi + 590. $176.00

Description: The volume discusses nudity and clothing in the Hebrew Bible, covering anthropological, theological, archaeology and religious-historical aspects. These aspects are addressed in three separate sections, enhanced by over a hundred pictures and illustrations. Part I places nudity and clothing in its ancient Israelite context, with discussions of methodology, the ancient Near Eastern evidence (including material culture and iconography), and an assessment of central aspects of the biblical material such as fabrication and uses of textiles, lexicography, theological and anthropological implications. Part II looks at key themes such as mourning, death, encounters with the divine and issues of power and status. Finally, Part III presents several close studies of key passages from narrative, prophetic and wisdom texts where clothing and nudity play an important role. The contributors are Lars Allolio-Näcke, Sonja Ammann, Michaela Bauks, Nahum Ben-Yehuda, Christoph Berner, Andrea Beyer, Marilyn E. Burton, Franziska Ede, Stefan Fischer, Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Meik Gerhards, Holder Gzella, Martin Hallaschka, Freidhelm Hartenstein, Anna-Katharina Höpflinger, Rainer Kessler, Anja Klein, Melanie Köhlmoos, Joachim J. Krause, Joel M. LeMon, Nathan MacDonald, Jessi Orpana, Wolfgang Oswald, Eckart Otto, Richard A. Purcell, Katharina Pyschny, Martin Schott, Sarah Schulz, Dina Serova, Allison Thomason, Jürgen van Oorschot, Martina Weingärtner, and Wolfgang Zwickel.

Subjects: Bible, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Literature, Methods, Historical Approaches, History, Ancient Near Eastern History, History of Israel, Archaeology, Social-Scientific Approaches, Theological Approaches

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Review by Laura Quick
Published 3/19/2020
Citation: Laura Quick, review of Christoph Berner, Manuel Schäfer, Martin Schott, Sarah Schulz, and Martina Weingärtner, eds., Clothing and Nudity in the Hebrew Bible, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2020).

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