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Reading the Epistle of James: A Resource for Students
Mason, Eric F. and Darian R. Lockett, editors

Atlanta: SBL Press, 2019 pp. xvi + 342. $40.00

Series Information
Resources for Biblical Study, 94

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Description: This accessible introduction to contemporary scholarship on the Epistle of James begins with chapters that consider possible sources and backgrounds used by the author of James, the genre and literary structure of the book, and its major theological themes. Building on this foundation, subsequent chapters examine James through social-scientific readings, perspectives of Latin American immigrants and the marginalized, and major recent developments in textual criticism. The final chapters in the volume address the relationship between the epistle and the historical James, reception of the epistle in the early church, and major Catholic and Protestant interpretations of the book in the Reformation era. The contributions in this volume distill a range of important issues for readers undertaking a serious study of this letter for the first time.

Subjects: Bible, New Testament, Hebrews and Catholic Epistles, James, Literature, Methods, Historical Approaches, History, Textual Criticism, Social-Scientific Approaches, Ideological Critique, Reception History

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