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Men and Masculinity in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond
Creangă, Ovidiu, editor

Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2010 pp. xiv + 273. $95.00

Series Information
Bible in the Modern World, 33

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Description: The study of masculinity in the Bible is increasingly becoming established as a field of critical inquiry in biblical gender studies. This book highlights a variety of methodological approaches that reveal the complex and multifaceted construction of masculinity in biblical and post-biblical literature. It focuses uniquely and explicitly on men and the world they inhabit, documenting changes in the type of men and masculinities deemed legitimate, or illegitimate, across various social and historical contexts of the ancient Near East. At the same time, it interrogates readers’ assumptions about the writers’ positioning of male bodies, sexuality and relationships in a gender order created to reflect men’s interests, yet in need of constant reordering In this volume specific features of biblical masculinity are explored: the masculinity of less favoured sons in Genesis (Susan Haddox); the ideology of Temple masculinity in Chronicles (Roland Boer); the masculinity of Moses (Brian DiPalma); the performative nature of masculinity in the Sinai episode (David Clines); Deuteronomy’s regimentation of masculinity (Mark George); Joshua’s hegemonic masculinity in the Conquest Narrative (Ovidiu Creangă); Naaman’s disability in relation to ideologies of masculinity (Cheryl Strimple and Ovidiu Creangă); Job’s position as a man in charge in the Testament of Job (Maria Haralambakis); Priestly notions of sexuality in the covenant of the rainbow and circumcision in Genesis (Sandra Jacobs); Samson’s masculinity in terms of male honour (Ela Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska); the popular depiction of Jeremiah as a ‘lamenting prophet’ against the book of Jeremiah’s male ideology (C.J. Patrick Davis); the gendered interaction of a Bible-study group with Daniel’s dreams (Andrew Todd). Finally, David Clines and Stephen Moore offer closing critical reflections that situate the book’s topics within a broader spectrum of issues in masculinity.

Subjects: Bible, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Literature

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Review by Stuart Macwilliam
Published 11/13/2011
Citation: Stuart Macwilliam, review of Ovidiu Creangă, ed., Men and Masculinity in the Hebrew Bible and Beyond, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2011).

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