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WealthWatch: A Study of Socioeconomic Conflict in the Bible
Moore, Michael S.

Eugene, Ore.: Pickwick, 2011 pp. xvi + 303. $35.00

Description: The purpose of this book is to help postmodern Westerners understand what the Bible has to say about wealth and possessions, basing itself on the presumption that (a) nobody can understand themselves apart from some recognition of their spiritual roots, and (b) that these roots sink deeper into the pages of the Bible than most Westerners realize. Focusing upon that part of the Bible most widely recognized to be its ideological coreóthat which is called Torah by some, Pentateuch by othersóit interprets this "great text" against other "great texts" in its literary-historical environment, including (a) some epic poems from Mesopotamia, (b) some Jewish texts from Syria-Palestine, and (c) some Nazarene parables from the Greek New Testament.

Subjects: Bible, Literature

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Review by Matthew Coomber
Published 6/10/2012
Citation: Matthew Coomber, review of Michael S. Moore, WealthWatch: A Study of Socioeconomic Conflict in the Bible, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2012).

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