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Pottery, Pavements, and Paradise: Iconographic and Textual Studies on Late Antiquity
Hoek, Annewies van den and John J. Herrmann Jr.

Leiden: Brill, 2013 pp. xxii + 582. $216.00

Series Information
Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, 122
Edited by J. den Boeft, B. D. Ehrman, J. van Oort, D. T. Runia, C. Scholten, J. C. M. van Winden

Description: These essays on late antiquity traverse a territory in which Christian and pagan imagery and practices compete, coexist, and intermingle. The iconography of the most significant late antique ceramic, African Red Slip Ware, is an important and relatively unexploited vehicle for documenting the diversity and interpenetration of late antique cultures. Literary texts and art in other media, particularly mosaics, provide imagery that complement and enhance the messages of the ceramics. Popular entertainments, pagan cults, mythic heroes, beasts, monsters, and biblical visions are themes dealt with on the patrician and popular levels. With interpretive supplements from these diverse realms, it is possible to achieve greater insight into the life, attitudes, and thought of Late Antiquity.

Subjects: Greco-Roman Literature, Early Christian Literature, Literature, Methods, Historical Approaches

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Review by Lee M. Jefferson
Published 2/13/2015
Citation: Lee M. Jefferson, review of Annewies van den Hoek and John J. Herrmann Jr., Pottery, Pavements, and Paradise: Iconographic and Textual Studies on Late Antiquity, Review of Biblical Literature [] (2015).

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