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Women's Socioeconomic Status and Religious Leadership in Asia Minor: In the First Two Centuries C.E.
Bain, Katherine

Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014 pp. xiv + 210. $49.00

Series Information
Emerging Scholars

Description: Moving beyond discussions of patriarchy and prescribed "women’s roles" in the Roman world—discussions that have relied too much on elite literary sources, in her view—Katherine Bain explores what inscriptional data from Asia Minor can tell us about the actual socioeconomic status of women in the first and second centuries C.E. Her findings suggest that outside of the prescriptive lenses of the upper classes, women were described, in honorary and funerary inscriptions, in terms that mirrored the socioeconomic status of men, suggesting that women’s leadership in social associations—and by implication in Jewish and Christian congregations as well—was even more frequent than has been imagined.

Subjects: Bible, New Testament, Synoptic Gospels, Mark, Luke, Acts, Pauline Epistles, Deutero-Pauline Epistles, 1 Timothy, Titus, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, New Testament Apocrypha, Acts, Early Christian Literature, Literature, Methods, Historical Approaches, History, Early Church Origins, Social-Scientific Approaches, Anthropology, Sociology, Ideological Critique, Feminist Approaches, Other Acts, Dead Sea Scrolls, History of Interpretation

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Review by Shelly Matthews
Published 8/10/2015
Citation: Shelly Matthews, review of Katherine Bain, Women's Socioeconomic Status and Religious Leadership in Asia Minor: In the First Two Centuries C.E., Review of Biblical Literature [] (2015).

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